Yinhe Galaxy CN.2 Children Wood

Speed  7.0
Control  9.0
Weight  75
Plies  5
Thickness  6.4+/-0.2mm


CN-2 Wood Children (All)With the CN-2 brand YinHe we offer a special children's wood.Alignment of the game here this wood is classified in the area round. It has five layers of wood.The grip is much narrower than in adults woods, but the handle length was only slightly reduced.


With the CN-2, all relevant table tennis techniques are taught excellent because the wood has a great balance of control and speed.If you Jungendtrainerin / trainer and need a larger quantity, we can offer you special discounts on request also.We will be happy and complete Bats at a specific price.Details at a glance:Its weight is about 75g5 wood veneers with a thickness of approx 6.0 mm Width of the racket blade 15.5 cm and length 14.9 cmChildren wood round with a narrow grip 

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