PP100 Practice Partner Robot


PP100 Practice Partner Robot


  • The most sophisticated and advanced robot in the Practice Partner range
  • Two feeding heads which can be adjusted independently
  • Each head had 9 different spin selections
  • Quality robot, ideal for high standard players
  • Perfect for club or professional use
  • Simple to use
  • A robust casing for durability
  • Easy to adjust speed, spin frequency and landing position with remote control that attaches to the table
  • The service speed can be varied between 25-95 balls per minute using the control box
  • The control box can be programmed to achieve exercise of your choice
  • 30 preset serve sequences
  • Long and short ball programmable
  • Angle (up and down) of shooting head controlled by the remote
  • Auto irregular spin mode to give different spins on alternate balls
  • Double spin wheel to give a wider variation of spin including float balls
  • Variable ball positions can be achieved as well as head oscillation
  • The PP100 is unique in that it has two feeding heads which can be adjusted independently
  • Each head has 9 different spin selections
  • 1-999 ball position selections
  • 22 programmable ball landing positions
  • The collection net is fixed to the robot for ease of transportation and continuous play
  • Collection net included


Net weight: 20kg

Packed weight: 27 kg

Size: 23.6" x 17.7" x 43" (60 x 45 x 110cm)

Boxed size: 43" x 22.4" x 16.5" (110 x 57 x 42cm)


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